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What is DGI Glulam

DGI GLULAM is made by gluing together strips of kiln dried solid timber to form a slab. DGI GLULAM is stronger and more stable than solid timber of equivalent size. Problems such as twisting, warping and splitting, that commonly occur with solid slabs of timber, are virtually eliminated.

Generally, it is only possible to accurately season small pieces of timber. Kiln-drying larger pieces, especially hardwoods more than 40mm thick, is always difficult and costly. By working with small sections, as we do with DGI GLULAM, accurate seasoning is possible. Strength reducing and unsightly faults so often found in solid timber can also be rejected. DGI only use timber which has been kiln dried to controlled tolerances and with a moisture content between 10% – 12%.

Environmental Statement

DGI only use timber sourced from managed forested and certified the sustainability of the various species utilised in the manufacture of DGI GLULAM. We at DGI are not source timber sawmillers and therefore we rely on the information, both content and accuracy, being correctly supplied by the resource managers of the various timber species.

Also, as the bulk of our resourced species are hardwoods, many of these (particularly the native Australian ones), are difficult, if not impossible, to be plantation maintained. In these cases, we have assured ourselves of the sustainability of the management infrastructure of the forest environment.

However, every attempt is made to utilise only those spacies that can demonstrate zero depletion and full sustainability within the terms established by responsible forestry departments.

In addition DGI offers a range of DGI GLULAM manufactured from recycled timbers.


Quality Assurance

  • DGI GLULAM is manufactured to AS/NZS 1328, AS/NZS  5067(non-structural) and  AS/NZS 5068 (structural).
  • GLTAA Industry Standard GLTAA1.91, 3.91 and 4.91.
  • All operators are qualified.
  • All raw materials are graded and guaranteed.
  • All instruments are calibrated.
  • Exhaustive quality testing is performed on glue bonds and finger joints


 DGI utilized Polyurethane glues for both the structural and decorative products.

All glues are certified to conform fully with Performance Requirements of AS5067 and AS4364.

Dimensional Stability

By utilising small strips of kiln dried timber to form a large slab, DGI GLULAM doesn’t shrink or twist as would green timber.


DGI GLULAM is a structural member that can span large distances with minimal deflection and rarely need intervening support. DGI GLULAM has a strength to weight advantage over steel.

Other benchtop products such as Granite, Marble or Laminate require support systems to avoid cracking due to self weight.


DGI GLULAM has the ability to bounce back: when you drop anything fragile onto a Glulam top, there is a good chance it won’t break; try a china cup on granite!


Chemical Resistance

Highly favoured as a laboratory bench surface, DGI GLULAM coated with two-pack polyurethane has been subjected to extensive tests including acid and alkaline; the performance has been excellent, far surpassing other materials.


Unlike stone or plastic surfaces, the laboratory proven coatings used on DGI GLULAM will withstand most common stains.


The DGI polyurethane coating has been tested to 400F (200C) and will withstand this for some time; far greater heat can be applied for up to 30 seconds, which should be ample time to ‘let go’ of something very hot, and give enough time to get a cloth to retrieve it.


DGI GLULAM is repairable; regardless of the damage, it can be fixed. Either by filling, sanding or replacing a piece; this quality is unsurpassable. Even with the odd knock or dent, timber still looks elegant, whilst other materials look shabby when scratched or chipped. When all else fails, it is a simple matter to sand back & refurbish to brand new again.


Timber species can be selected to withstand required levels of exposure to varying environments.



DGI GLULAM can take on many roles in how it looks. It can look ‘Country’, ‘Modern’, ‘Traditional’, ‘Sophisticated’; by just altering the type of finish, level of gloss, timber species or detailing, the overall look of the finished environment can be changed.


Nothing looks quite like DGI GLULAM; the grain and colour of natural timber complements any design mood. Timber blends into its environment, taking on the tonal characteristics of the surroundings, enhancing dominants and accenting contrasts. It never clashes. There is a warmth and richness to wood that is unique, and will always complement any interior.


DGI GLULAM, being solid timber, is a material that can be resurfaced easily and cheaply using a variety of finishes. Many other surfaces, once damaged or worn, have outlived their usefulness.

Fire Rating

DGI GLULAM beams, being large sections of timber and charring at a very slow rate, will maintain structural integrity far longer than steel.